Episode 35 - Implementing Effective Strategies

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Megan and Althea discuss things to keep in mind when trying to implement evidence-based learning strategies into your classroom.

We start out with a brief description of the six strategies for effective learning. If you haven’t listened to previous episodes yet, we recommend going back to the first set of episodes, 1 through 13, to hear more about each strategy in depth. The purpose of the review is to provide a bit of spaced practice!

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t try to implement all of the strategies all at once or all of the time.

  • Don’t try to overhaul your entire course! Start with small changes and see how it goes. You can keep making little changes with each iteration of the course.

  • Remember, each strategy works because it encourages processing that promotes learning. So, implementing these strategies are all about encouraging useful processing. When looking from the outside, two groups of students can look like they’re doing the exact same thing, but in reality one group may be doing something useful and the other not. Using the strategies in the classroom also won’t always look the same.

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