Talks & Workshops

2-day workshop in Bedford, UK - January, 2019

2-day workshop in Bedford, UK - January, 2019

We do occasionally take on speaking engagements from 1-hour talks or keynotes to 2-day workshops, individually or in groups. The biggest limiting factor related to taking on speaking engagements is travel time, as all of us have full-time course loads and research programs, and families.

What we can do:

Cognitive psychologists over the last century have identified six key strategies that promote learning in many situations, and this research can inform classroom learning. However, the research is not always translated into practice. During our workshops we cover strategies to help with planning, development of understanding, and/or reinforcement of learning. For each strategy we discuss the laboratory and classroom research demonstrating its effectiveness, and how we can translate this research into real classroom practice.

We can tailor these workshops to teachers, students, parents, or other educators. The purpose is to develop flexible guiding principles that instructors can use with their students, that parents can use with their children, and that students can use on their own, giving them all the tools to make small or even big changes that foster learning.

To view a live feed from one of our workshops in Bedford, UK check out #ASLrnSci on Twitter

Important details to consider:

When charging speaking fees, we consider the length of the speaking event, the amount of preparation the event will take, and the time we will spend traveling for the specific event.

When booking a speaking event, we also require the booking organization to pay for travel, including mileage/ground travel, air fare, accommodations, and per diem using the US Government rates for M&I for travel within the US and travel outside of the US. We also charge a $110 booking fee.

Our team is spread out across the US and Scotland:

Megan - Providence, RI, USA | Althea - Olean, NY, USA | Cindy - St. Louis, MO, USA | Carolina - Dundee, Scotland

For longer workshops, we typically need at least two team members to give the workshop. When there is interest and we are able, we put together “tours” so that schools and organizations can cost share. Please note that we can only do this occasionally due to the time it requires us to be away from our teaching and our families. All schools and organizations that are involved in these tours are required to pay a portion of the cost share. We do not set up smaller trips once we are already planning on being in the area, as we feel it would not be fair to the group paying for travel.

If you are interested in inquiring about a speaking event:

Please email us at For smaller events near one of us, you may email us directly. See the About Us page.