Weekly Digest #54: Is There An App For That? Studying 2.0

Weekly Digest #54: Is There An App For That? Studying 2.0

People are constantly on their phones. Especially students are often distracted by incoming messages popping up on their phones or the urge to check emails and social network sites. But, can students use their phones for educational purposes and for supporting their studying? Yes, they can. In today’s weekly digest, we present five apps that can help students get organized and study. All apps come with a free basic version and will likely motivate them to study more – anytime and anywhere they want.


1. Quizlet, @quizlet

Quizlet is a well-known and widely-used app that lets you generate your study materials and create quizzes. You can share your material with other people and use other student’s tests and material.


2. Todoist, @todoist

Looking for an app that allows you to create neat to do lists? Todoist helps you accomplish that. Plus, you can collaborate on a to do list with other people. This way you can set up lists for different projects, e.g., Biology exam, English essay and so on, and keep track on your progress.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

3. Study Blue, @studyblue

You love studying with flashcards, but you want them on your phone at the tip of your finger whenever you feel like testing your memory? No problem, there is an app for that. Study Blue lets you create flashcards and allows you to access it on the go. You can even browse other student’s flashcards and notes or share yours. Remember though: Always retrieve the answer from memory first before flipping the flashcard to look at the answer.


4. My Study Life, @mystudylife

Deadlines, study sessions, group meeting, assignments, exam timetables, workshops…so many things to keep track of. If you feel overwhelmed and wish there was a way to have everything in one place, try My Study Life app. This app will contain all your school-related stuff and send you reminders of important deadlines and dates.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

5. GoConqr, @goconqr

GoConqr is a social network and its aim it to enhance your learning experience. Create learning groups and share your notes. Ask questions and discuss answers with other students world-wide.

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