Weekly Digest #126: Memory Researchers As Science Communicators

Weekly Digest #126: Memory Researchers As Science Communicators

In today’s digest, we would like to highlight researchers who have spoken or written about how our memory works in order to inform a broader audience about its workings. Researchers who communicate science to the public help reduce misconceptions of human memory and contribute to a better understanding of it. Enjoy!

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


1) Boost Your Study Strategy With Retrieval and Distributed Practice by Association for Psychological Science, @PsychScience

In this recent article, PhD candidate Toshi Miyatsu is interviewed about effective learning strategies and why students often opt for ineffective strategies.


2) Three Words That Helped My 13-Year-Old Study Better by Nate Kornell, @natekornell

In this blog post, memory researcher Nate Kornell reflects on an anecdote with his daughter in which he suggests to her to prepare to teach someone else in order to gain deeper understanding of the material.


3) The transcendental mind: Memory in your head and in your smartphone by Jason Finley, @JasonRFinley

Memory researcher Jason Finley explains the difference between internal memory and external memory and why today we need to make sure that both work smoothly together.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


4) The Power of Collective Memory by Henry L. Roediger, III and K. Andrew DeSoto, @kadesoto

Renowned memory researcher Henry Roediger and his former PhD student Andy DeSoto explain what “collective memory” is – how groups in society remember events from the past – and how accurate these recollections are.


5) How Can Our Memories Be Manipulated? by Elizabeth Loftus, @eloftus1

How reliable is our memory? How accurate are recollections of our past and how confident are we when recalling information? What are the consequences of biased memory? Listen to Elizabeth Loftus’ TED talk on this topic.

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