Weekly Digest #134: How to Sleep Well

Weekly Digest #134: How to Sleep Well

What better topic to compile resources on when one is doing so very late at night? Ah, sleep, of course! We’ve written in the past about the importance of sleep for memory and cognition, the combined power of sleep and learning strategies, and the effect of sleep on problem solving, but we haven’t put together a set of resources on sleep since 2016 when we assembled blogs and articles on sleep and learning. What about the science of sleep, learning aside? In this digest we provide information about sleep hygiene. Did you get enough sleep last night? Let us know on social media!

1) How to Get a Better Night's Sleep, by Tara Parker-Pope @nytimeswell

A comprehensive guide to getting a better night’s sleep.

Image from linked source

Image from linked source

2) The Science of Naps, by Kirsten Weir

“Researchers are working to pinpoint the benefits — and possible drawbacks — of an afternoon snooze.”

3) How to Sleep Better Every Night: 45 Science-Backed Tips for More ZZZ’s by Rosie Osmun @osieosmun

With such a large number of tips, it’s important to stay vigilant and double-check whether the science warrants the suggestion (see also How to Tell if Your "Science-backed" Study Tips are Actually Supported by Science)


4) Ask A Sleep Doctor: The Questions That Keep You Up At Night, a podcast with W. Christopher Winter, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It 

Science Friday Q&A with neurologist and sleep expert. Listeners call in to ask their questions about sleep.

5) I Fixed My Terrible Sleeping Habits with Science, by Grant Stoddard

After reading of this man’s impressive success in changing his sleep habits, one is left wondering how long the new habits stuck.

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