Weekly Digest #62: Digital Literacy: A Crucial Skill in Today’s World

Weekly Digest #62: Digital Literacy: A Crucial Skill in Today’s World

The progress in technology changed the way we perceive, behave, and interact with each other. With the rapidly changing nature of gathering information and communication, it becomes important that people at a young age already know how to use technology such as smartphones, computers, apps, and the internet, how to understand exactly how these things work, and how to create content and share it responsibly. This set of skills is summarized under the label of digital literacy. Because the definition and aim of digital literacy has undergone many iterative changes in recent years, today’s weekly digest provides different resources explaining the concept and offering ways to teach digital literacy to young kids and adults.


1) What Is Digital Literacy? by Liana Heitin Loewus at Education Week, @LianaLoewus 

This article looks at a definition of digital literacy and describes each part of the definition in great detail by providing examples and additional resources. A wonderful article to learn about the many facets of digital literacy.

Image by Pixabay

Image by Pixabay

2) 20 ways of thinking about digital literacy in higher education by Eliza Anyangwe, The Guardian, @elizatalks

Here you find many ways to approach digital literacy and further resources are provided that are helpful to obtain a better understanding of the goals of digital literacy. Recommendations are given by educational technologists, digital communication experts, and researchers.


3) Digital literacy and why it matters by the Technology Enhanced Learning Media Team at the University of Derby

This is a brief and engaging video summarizing the most important aspects of digital literacy – particularly targeted at students.


4) Bitesize: Digital Literacy by BBC Bitesize, @BBCLearning 

 We love this compilation of brief online lessons for younger children on digital literacy. It comes with engaging videos and easy to understand descriptions. For example, there is a chapter on “Should I trust everything I read on the web?” explaining how to identify trustful sources – a topic becoming more and more important nowadays.

Image by Pixabay

Image by Pixabay

5) Becoming a Digital Citizen: An Introduction to the Digital Society, MOOC by the University of York on Future Learn

This is a free MOOC for students entering university or at university. It has a greater focus on ethics in the digital world and the importance of a healthy digital identity. Interacting and sharing information on the internet comes with undeniable perils that young adults need to be aware of. This MOOC is a good first step in becoming a responsible digital citizen.

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