Weekly Digest #59: Making the Most of Your Summer

Weekly Digest #59: Making the Most of Your Summer

Calling all students, teachers, and parents: It's nearly summer!!! Summer break can be great, and can give us the rest and relaxation that we need. (Check out one of our digests last year on the importance of taking a break over the summer.) However, it's also important to stay productive over the summer. This means different things for students in high school or college, teachers, and parents of younger children. So, for this week's digest, we put together a few resources on making the most of your summer for students, teachers, and parents.


1) Making The Most Of Summers During High School posted on Road2College

With summer comes more time! Use the time wisely, and make sure you're setting yourself up for the future. (In addition to getting that break you need, of course.) This resource provides tips specifically for students hoping to build a strong college application.


2) 3 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your College Summer Vacation by Robert Farrington, @collegeinvestin

While these suggestions are similar to those from the previous resource -- ideas for high school students -- they provide a rationale for the suggestions that is more specific to college students.


3) How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Job by Beth Braverman, @bethbrav

So, you've taken the advice from the two previous resources and you got a summer job. Now what? This summer job can be more than just a way to make some extra cash. It can open up new opportunities and provide solid references for future jobs or future school applications. Check out this resource to make sure you maximize your potential at your summer job. Even if this isn't your dream job, it can still be a step in the right direction towards your dream career!

Image from Pixabay.com

Image from Pixabay.com



4) Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers by Vicki Davis, @coolcatteacher

This Edutopia post goes over some of the best ways to utilize the summer to become a better teacher. Just make sure you get that rest you need, too!

Image from Pixabay.com

Image from Pixabay.com



5) How to Make the Most of the Summer with Your Kids by Emily Pardy

Breaks are important for kids, too. However, being away from school for such a long period of time, like summer break, can be problematic. This is especially true for kids with lower socio-economic status. (To read more about these issues, check out this post, and scroll to the section titled "Combatting the Summer Slide".) However, staying mentally active over the summer is important for all kids. This resource lists a few ways to stay mentally active over the summer, including a summer reading program. There are plenty of reading programs out there in addition to the one in this resource. For example, check out Springboard Collaborative.

Image from Pixabay.com

Image from Pixabay.com

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