"Teaching High School Psychology" Wrote About Us!

"Teaching High School Psychology" Wrote About Us!

Amy Ramponi (@AmyRamponi on Twitter) is an AP Psychology teacher who is very passionate about teaching her students optimal learning strategies, teaching students how to study, and best practices in "making things stick."

Amy co-writes a blog called “Teaching High School Psychology”, and when she came across us on Twitter, she decided to interview us for the blog. Here’s what she asked us:

How did the two of you decide to start the "Learning Scientists" blog? What were your motivations?

What is the single most annoying myth about learning, studying, or cognition?

What would current you (PhD you) tell High School (or undergrad you) about studying that could dramatically change your life?

Why don't students listen to us when we try and teach them how to study? (And...why does highlighting and reading over your notes continue to be their #1 study technique?)

As a high school teacher, I hear "I'm just a bad test taker. I KNOW the information...I just freeze on tests..." a lot. Is test anxiety real, or do they just not know the material?

If you could only have one study technique to use for now until eternity - which would you choose?

Who are your Cognitive Psychologist heroes?

What are 5 quick tips that HS teachers can teach and students can use to start studying better and more effectively?

To read our responses, see her blog post here!