Service Learning: An Engaging Teaching Concept

Students often complain that what they learn at university is often disconnected from the “real world”. They wonder if and how knowledge can be applied to solve real-life problems. In fact, content is often taught without providing students with the opportunity to experience its validity outside of the classroom. Service Learning is a teaching strategy that tries to overcome this issue by bridging knowledge obtained at university with the application to real-life problems in the community.

Weekly Digest #56: Helping Students with E-mail Etiquette

Rude student e-mails are a recurring professor trope: female professors getting e-mails from prospective students that start with "Dear Sir", as well as last-minute requests for help with assignments with imminent deadlines, and the worst of them all: the grade-change-begging e-mail. For this reason, this week we thought we would provide some resources for professors and teachers who want to help their students to learn e-mail etiquette.