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Thank you to our translators:

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Leonardo Barichello
  • Czech: Veronika Shelley & Katerina Machulková (
  • Dutch:  Pedro De Bruyckere, @thebandb (Arteveldehogeschool, Gent)
  • French: Mathieu Hainselin, @MHainselin (
  • German: Britta Oliver & Dr. Carolina E. Kuepper-Tetzel, @pimpmymemory (The University of Dundee)
  • Korean: Seong-Hun Kim (Soongsil University)
  • Polish: Dorota Józefowicz
  • Portuguese: Pedro Marques (Universidade de Lisboa)
  • Spanish: Toni Soto, @ToniSoto_Vigo
  • Turkish: Atakan Ata

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