Weekly Digest #133: Technology for Math Learning

Weekly Digest #133: Technology for Math Learning

Math is an extremely important topic, and one that comes up a lot when we discuss the science of learning. This week’s digest includes resources that may help Math teachers in their classrooms.


1) Guzinta Math by Josh Fisher, @sineof1

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Josh has created a number of free mathematics lesson apps for middle school based on the science of learning. Guzinta Math lesson apps can be used at school, at home, or both. They include video instruction, interactive modules, worked examples, instructor notes, and--the key--a design which provides retrieval practice, and monitors students' practice so that they revisit material after calculated delays.


2) Maths Chase

This free website lets kids play games with times tables. The online program lets you increase the speed required to answer the question and gain points, and allows you to change the minimum and maximum numbers for each multiplication problem.


3) Free Math Apps by The Math Learning Center, @MLCmath

The name of this one is a perfect descriptor! Each app has a link to the web, and the Apple and Chrome Stores, when available.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


4) The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives by Utah State University, funded by the National Science Foundation

This site lets you select the type of math (e.g., algebra, geometry, etc.) and the grade level. From there, you will be provided with a list with programs to download!


This list is free, though all of the resources in the list are not. However, this list was compiled by teachers and contains a little blurb about each resource. It also provides information about the appropriate student grade level and whether it is free, contains a free trial, or requires payment.

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