Weekly Digest 77: Cell Phones in the Classroom

Weekly Digest 77: Cell Phones in the Classroom

We have recently talked about attention in the classroom, as well as technology in the classroom. Each of these posts touched on cell phones and how they can be used for good or can detract from a learning environment. Today, we provide you with several additional resources that discuss the research on both sides of the argument. These articles were specifically selected because they describe research studies with supporting evidence for a claim instead of simple observations or student opinions (which can be biased).

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


Evidence for Cell Phones in the Classroom

1) Why I Allow Cell Phones in My Classes by Joel Hoffman

Joel Hoffman uses research to talk about the fact that many of the arguments against cell phones may be misunderstandings. We are presenting this as an alternative viewpoint and strongly recommend reviewing the literature cited here and in our previous postings to come to your own conclusion.


2) Finally! Research-based Proof that Students Use Cell Phones for Learning by Lisa Neilson

Lisa Neilson describes a survey that was conducted examining the way in which middle school students use cell phones. One of the takeaway messages here is that a large number of students are using cell phones for learning tasks.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


Evidence Against Cell Phones in the Classroom

3) Why Phones Don’t Belong In School by Richard Freed

Richard Freed addresses some of the major concerns with cell phones use and with banning cell phones with a call for school leaders to institute policies instead of leaving it to individual instructors to make decisions regarding cell phones in the classroom.


4) Ban Computers and Cell Phones from Classrooms by Ira Hyman @ira_hyman

Ira Hyman summarizes a few selected studies showing classroom applications of technology in the classroom. These studies are interesting because they took place in classrooms and show more direct evidence.

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Image from Pixabay


An Idea for Successful Cell Phone Usage

5) Cell Phones in the Classroom by Marie Bjerede @mbjerede

Admittedly, this individual works in collaboration with the company who sponsored this research, so her opinion may be biased, but the project is interesting and may be a point of inspiration for researchers wanting to try a new cell phone policy.

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