Weekly Digest #2: Writing Resources

Weekly Digest #2: Writing Resources

This week, the digest consists of a list of resources aimed to help with writing. Both of us (Yana and Megan) teach writing at the college level in our classes. We are also writers ourselves. One of us enjoys grammar and finds editing and proofreading absurdly fun (ahem, Yana...). The other one of us is not so great with grammar, but is always trying to find resources to make sure to catch little mistakes.

Here's a compilation of resources, from APA and MLA style, via grammar tips and tricks, to writing style!

1) Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - The Purdue OWL provides many free resources!


The most popular resources are those that help navigate APA and MLA rules. Check out this handy citation chart comparing MLA, APA, and Chicago Style citations. The OWL also has information about other types of writing, such as English as a second language and job search writing. Finally, check out the OWL @ Purdue's YouTube Channel for brief videos explaining all kinds of concepts, from grammar to writing personal statements for applications.


2) APA Template Papers - Free downloads by Learning Scientists

We recently posted an APA template paper for multiple experiments to demonstrate how to apply APA style rules to manuscripts and research paper assignments. We are posting it here because we have now created a new template specifically for papers with only one experiment. You can download both of them here:


3) Grammarly

Grammarly is a downloadable app that you can put in your web browser or on your computer. It checks for spelling and grammar mistakes, beyond what is typically caught by word processors, or the spellcheck in your email and online.  For example, as I'm typing this blog post Grammarly is checking both my spelling AND my grammar! It provides a list of ways to correct the mistakes and is as easy as clicking the fix you want.


4) Grammar Girl on Quick and Dirty Tips - Numerous posts by Mignon Fogarty

Contains tons of grammar tips and tricks, with explanations and examples. Check out posts on semicolons and dashes, colons, and commas.


5) The Elements of Style - a free abridged PDF of Oliver Strunk and E. B. White's Elements of Style

The quintessential book of writing tips - in a free download! Inspired by Yana's colleague Miko Wilford who turned it into a rubric, Yana has used it in the past to give feedback on written assignments. You can also download a free copy of The Elements of Style for your Kindle on Amazon.