Megan A. Sumeracki, PhD

Cognitive Psychological Scientist,

Co-Founder of The Learning Scientists

Megan Sumeracki (formerly Megan Smith) is an Assistant Professor at Rhode Island College. Together with Yana Weinstein, she oversees all Learning Scientists research and outreach projects.


Megan received her Master’s in Experimental Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis and her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Purdue University. Her area of expertise is in human learning and memory, and applying the science of learning in educational contexts. Megan's research program focuses on retrieval-based learning strategies, and the way activities promoting retrieval can improve meaningful learning in the classroom. She addresses empirical questions such as: What retrieval practice formats promote student learning? What retrieval practice activities work well for different types of learners? And, why does retrieval increase learning? In her spare time Meg crochets, and recently started a blog to showcase her projects. She also loves to travel, go hiking and camping, and wine tasting!  -- @DrSumeracki