Interested in Publishing a Guest Blog with Us?

We welcome guest posts. The general content we look for is evidence-based education, particularly related to cognition: articles about learning, study strategies, or teaching strategies, with an emphasis on research-based recommendations. We also love to hear from teachers about their experiences putting evidence-based recommendations into practice.

We also accept guest posts for our weekly digests. These posts are somewhat different in that the topic can go beyond evidence-based practice and can focus more on tools that teachers might use (e.g., we did a digest on websites that are helpful for grading writing).

Submitting a Guest Post Proposal:

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Please use this form to provide us with your suggested topic and brief outline of the post you would like to write, and then if we agree on the topic and outline, we can schedule a date for publication of the blog. Please make sure to include any references or a link to evidence-based practice (i.e., the strategies we talk about on the blog) within the form below. This is how we determine what proposals are a good fit for this blog, and which proposals are not a good fit. Note that we do not allow any advertising on our blog. We also do not accept guest posts from individuals who are attempting to sell anything within their blog, or authors who work for paper-writing companies. We do specifically look for guest blog ideas from teachers who are interested in sharing their classroom practices that are based on strategies backed by research. We also look for guest blog ideas from current students explaining how they use learning strategies backed by evidence.

We should mention at this point that we do not have money to pay guest bloggers. While we do not allow advertising, if you have a book or other work of your own that you would like to discuss, we do offer an interview-style guest post option, where you would be free to discuss your work in more detail in the last question. Of course, we will always acknowledge you as the author of the blog post and link back to your own blog or other site and/or social media profile at the top of the guest post.

If You’re Accepted…

We would then need a draft from you two weeks before the publication date, so we can go back and forth with edits. The publication date we decide on can be somewhat flexible depending on your timeline and space in our schedule.

If we publish your guest post, you will retain copyright of your post. You are free to reblog the post if you like. We only ask that you link back to our page where your guest post is featured, and mention that the post was originally published on

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

The Learning Scientists.

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