Cindy Nebel, PhD

Cognitive Psychological Scientist

Cindy Nebel (formerly Cindy Wooldridge) is an Associate Professor at Washburn University. She joined the Learning Scientists team in 2016.


Cindy received her PhD in Experimental Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and worked for 3 years as the Assistant Chair of Psychology at Lindenwood University. Cindy has broad interests in human learning and memory and applying cognitive concepts to improve education. Her research program is designed to answer questions such as: How can retrieval practice be designed in a way that is efficient for instructors? What factors affect the types of strategies students use when studying? And, do different learning strategies provide more benefits for certain types of learners? In her spare time, Cindy enjoys reading young adult fiction, swing dancing, hiking, and spending time with her family. -- @PsyDocCindy